Hello my loves, the one time of year that I actually post has come and I hope you're as excited and riled up as I am. I actually planned on writing an article a few weeks ago and it was nothing like what I am writing now. So, without further adieu, I'm going to tell you all a little bit of my story and how it relates to the challenging times we are facing now.

I'm sure many of us know about the things that are going on in the world. We know about COVID-19, it basically kicked us out of school. There are protests going on in the name of George Floyd. Basically, the world is on fire both literally and metaphorically. I think we all are going through things that we never thought would happen. Also, full disclosure: I am not here to discredit anyone's feelings, make them feel less than they are, or accuse anyone of anything. Though if you feel like I've targeted you, you might be a big part of the problem.

Moving forward, I would first like to give all of my condolences to anyone and everyone who has suffered this year due to COVID, our racist country, or anything else under the sun.

Thankfully COVID has not affected me personally, so, what I'm talking about today, is the Black Lives Matter movement. That being said, if you want to hear more about my opinion and get some insight for yourself, you can contact me through instagram: @ittsshay. (This is not a shameless self promo)

Firstly, I would like to say that this movement is not saying that other lives do not matter, its just saying that Black Lives need to matter just as much as everyone elses. I had a discussion with a few of my friends whom are all minorities and they would like more people to know that there aren't just black lives that are being lost. Which is completely true, but this movement is a step forward in the right direction for minorities. Black people are at the very bottom of the food chain in America, and if we are able to change this, we would be able to help other minorities claim their equality.

Something that a lot of people are failing to understand is that this idea of America being such a great country is built off of the back of slavery, keeping people's mouths closed, and a system built only for the white man. This country took people from their home countries, made these people do things they didn't want to do, forced them to change into someone they don't want to be, and told all of these people to build America only to throw these people away when they don't need the people anymore. I'd argue and say that every minority in America has been through some kind of racism, or slavery.

People don't want to believe that there is racism in this country but there is, the KKK is right in front of your face, appearing on your TV screens. White supremacy is working against you, its there when you hear someone say that your hair is too curly and when your name defines if you get a job. All of these things are there when people say, "They're stealing our jobs" or "build a wall". But America is supposed to be so great? It's a melting pot right?

No, it's a cauldron. It's the privileged white kids in the classroom that don't understand our struggles as minorities. So, please for the love of God, or whatever you believe in, don't combat Black Lives Matter, with All Lives Matter. Doing that, is like saying this place is on fire so I'm gonna spray them all with water when only one place needs it.

I think that it is insane, that these people came here and stole everything from the people who were already here and ask themselves "what's wrong with me?" Then they go on and try to defend themselves.

I was going to my sister's graduation and a cop pulled us over, I could not tell you how terrified I was. He could have been a great, nice guy but that doesn't make me any less scared.

I was walking into store yesterday, and i was stared at by many people.

This article is all over the place quite frankly. But, my point is, American isn't great. This is a racist country. Black Lives do matter. All Lives don't matter until black lives matter. All Lives don't matter until minorities lives matters. And you can't change my mind.