Have you asked yourself that lately? "How am I?" we always ask people how they are but we forget to ask ourselves that. We check up on others yet we don't check up on ourselves. When people ask us "How are you?", we simply answer "I'm good." and they believe it. But are we really? Are we really good? We're so used to saying we're okay when we need someone to hear us out. Since we can't tell someone how we really are, let's ask ourselves "How am I?". Really though, how are you? How's life treating you? Does it suck? How's 2020? Is it bad? That's fine, we have to accept that it's okay that life sucks sometimes. Is your mental health okay? Does this quarantine makes it worse? I know, being alone with our thoughts is like being in detention, too much thinking isn't it? Well, you're not alone. Are you running out of things to do? It's fine, we need to disconnect from time to time. It's okay not to do anything and take a rest, get some sleep, listen to music or smoke your fuckin weed. You can stop proving anyone or yourself for a bit, take a breath, you need some air. Whatever you're going through right now, hang in there. Ask yourself how you REALLY are then pause for a bit and accept that it's like that sometimes and eventually, everything will be a less sucky.