In this difficult time, we all have felt and seen our friends and family express different emotions. I'm here to let you know you are NOT alone, and you have every right to feel this or that way. I'm here to express and write out your frustrations. 🤍

💜 SADNESS: The videos, the pictures, the long paragraphs from influencers and victims. They all seem to be unreal. How can I be sitting in a place, roof over my head and there are so many people out there suffering. There are people out there being hurt and killed, how is it real?
I want to cry and I haven't even been hurt myself, I am sad for my friends and their friends and their families. I feel like laying in my bed and crying, can I really help? I wish I could help ease the pain, but in this very moment I cannot. I feel like hugging my loved ones and never-ever letting go.

❤️ ANGER: How is this literally happening? How are more people not aware of this? How are people NOT helping, not standing with us? It makes absolutely NO sense that there are people out there so ignorant that they believe in racism. Why are people so triggered by people fighting for their LAWFUL rights as human beings?!

Why are people yelling at me for sharing my opinion?
for the respect of others I have refrained from using vulgar language

💚 ANXIETY: I don't want to look at social media, but I know that there are people who don't have that choice, that luxury of just turning off the discomfort, and I feel guilty. I don't even know myself, what's right or wrong but I know that I stand with BLM. What if I'm not using the correct terms, how do I know if I'm doing it properly? Have I ever done these bad things unknowingly or unintentionally? I don't know what to believe whenever I hear or see these controversy filled things, is it okay to question that? What can I do, what should I do, am I really strong enough to stand in the face of danger?

💙 FEAR: I am just one person. What if I get stuck and I am not strong enough to handle myself? What if I lose (more of) my friends or family? What if I say the wrong thing? Is it safe to even go outside, I'm just a "regular" person? I feel manipulated. I feel sensitive and out of sorts, I feel ashamed for feeling that way.

for anyone wanting to help but not knowing where or how to start ♡

💛 PRIDE: Here we go, deep breathe in, I am grateful for everything that has brought me to this point. I was put on this earth for a reason. I wish I could get through to more people. The time is now, I'm trying my best. I am have a voice and I am going to use it! I want to spread the word and spread happiness. No one is getting in my way now.

🧡 NUMB/OVERWHELMED: I feel helpless and shattered, torn down and muted. I am even a little confused, I have this crazy sense of urgency but I have no motivation or sense of direction on where to really start. Is it too late? Is it too early? Am I valid?

To be continued and constantly updated in real time, feel free to DM me questions, statements and feelings I can add!!


Thank you for being you, you are valid, you are not alone. 🖤