Hi everyone!!!!!!

I LIIIIIIIIIVE! Oh my goddess, it feels so good to write here again!
I am SO busy with uni at the moment! I just submitted my internship report and my master's thesis this morning… I can finally take a break and write a little challenge article!

I chose this one by @studylatin, it felt relaxing to write!

1. What is your favourite period of history to learn about?

I love learning about history! Also all periods! But I specifically like Ancient history, as the Ancient Greece! These people were so intelligent! It's only a pity women had such a bad place in society...

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2. What piece of music makes you feel better?

I really like ballet music and Disney songs! But music that really makes me feel good is practically every song by Aurora! She is a true goddess. I love her so much!

3. Do you tend to overthink?

A lot… It goes along with anxiety… I'm a very insecure little thing and I tend to make assumptions a lot. I have faith in others but I fear to be deceived while I love them, I have been hurt so much times... I tend to be very jealous as well, which is very destructive for me. I'm seriously working on all of it, because I know all these thoughts are fake.

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4. If you were to write a book, what genre would it be? What kind of atmosphere would it have?

I'm actually thinking about a story! I'd love it to be an epic story with superpowers linked to mythology, universe, spirituality, soulmates, harmony in the world! I'd love the whole story to be very poetic and hopeful!

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5. Name the fictional character that you relate to the most.

Rey. Without a doubt. I love her so much… As soon as I saw her face in The Force Awakens and heard her music theme, I literally thought ".... it's her...". It's me. I relate to her so much, also physically! I felt everything she felt throughout the movies. The loss, the surviving, the fear, the hope, the sorrow, the belonging... And I'm very disappointed about her ending in The Rise of Skywalker… I was so hopeful for my sweet baby Rey and Ben… I'm very sad and angry for her… It still hurts... I really hope there will be an official sequel story for them, no matter what form it takes, or I would be bitter for the rest of my life...

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I mean… Look at her...

6. Name the fictional character that you would like to be friends with.

I'd love to be friend with my favourite Disney princesses but it would be too difficult to pick only one… So I'd love to be friend with Luna Lovegood, this pure child!

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7. Do you have a favourite poem?

Not really a poem but I have 3 poetry books that I cherish with my soul: the trilogy Women Are Some Kind Of Magic by Amanda Lovelace…

  • The Princess Saves Herself in this One
  • The Witch Doesn't Burn in This One
  • The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One

I literally relate to every poem, but I chose this one for you:

they say
they only want
to grow from
my mouth,
so i will
look them
in the
as i
soft petals
my lips,
my jaw
& spit
their feet
-i will never be your expectations of me
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8. What scent is most comforting to you?

I love hot rain, lavender, seashore and garlic scents… My own scent also confort me...

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9. What are you currently reading?

I'm rereading The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur! I still own so much unread books than I have to read, but I'm struggling so much with reading at the moment, I prefer to take it slow… I will have all the time I need during the summer holidays next months!

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10. If you could be fluent in three languages, which would you choose?

I would have picked French, but it's my native language, haha! I'd love to be more confident in English, and to be fluent in Russian would be so cool! I'm learning it at the moment!

quote, russian, and сон image
A dream gave me a hug.

11. What is your computer wallpaper set as?

Ahah… Hum… Well… It's a Rey and Ben fighting artwork… Well… Don't judge me… Please...

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12. Are you typically a procrastinator?

Sort of… I'm a procrastinator when I finished early what I had planned to do during the day… I have all the trouble in the world to set myself other goals to keep moving forward in my tasks to get ahead. It also depends if I like what I'm working on or not.
I also work better from the afternoon and in the evening, night owl life. So, I tend to procrastinate in the morning.

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13. Name your top three fruit varieties.

Watermelon, raspberries, cherimoya

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14. If you were a season and a type of weather, what would you be?

I would specifically the storm and the warm calm after it. I LOVE the thunder so much, it's such an anxiety reliever for me! I love the power in it! I'm very introverted with my emotions, and hearing thunder is like releasing all my feelings through it!

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15. What is your favourite film and why?

Very difficult question… My favourite movies mostly are Disney ones. I'd say Maleficent (2014). I relate to her story so much… It added so my deepness to this character who I already loved! I also loved to sequel, Maleficent, Mistress of Evil (2019)! Angelina Jolie does an amazing job! I also love Cinderella (2015), I found it much more accurate and deeper than the animated movie.

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Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed this challenge!

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