For those of you that don't know us, hello! We're the WHI Gazette, composed of writers formerly part of the official WHI Writers Team.

With everything that has been happening on WHI lately, we wanted to continue writing articles and sharing them with everyone still interested on the site.

Now that we're established, we want to bring on some new writers!

If you write, please read on! If you know someone who writes, pass this article on to them.

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🖋️ Who can join?

Anyone! Where you're from or how old you are doesn't factor in. If you write articles and want to join us, you're already a candidate.

🖋️ Will anyone who applies be added to the team?

Unfortunately, we can't promise that everyone who applies will be invited.

If you can show us that you're able to communicate, write decent articles, and have a desire to join, there's a very high chance we'll invite you to be part of our team.

🖋️ How do I apply?

Follow this link and fill out the Google form 🖝

You'll want to have your WHI username ready to go, your email or Instagram info for contact, and a link or two for articles you think showcase your abilities.

Since this is not a contest, we'll gradually be checking new submissions and adding new writers every once in a while. Be patient, we'll get back to you personally.

There are a few more questions to help us get to know you as a writer, but nothing scary!

We hope you apply!

And if you aren't already, give us a follow to check out some of our current amazing writers.

We Heart It Gazette
We Heart It Gazette

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