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Opening scene

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Song: Green Light, Lorde

I just spent the whole night out partying with my friends, now the sun is about to rise and we are all going home, still drunk. I feel happy but someway lonely, so I keep wandering around until I end up on a beach.
I watch the dusk and suddenly I hear a voice. I turn around and I see a guy from my school, evidently high. He asks me to do something crazy with him, and I agree...

Running away by car scene

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Song: Down the line, Beach Fossils

We start talking, and he tells me that he got kicked out by his parents because they caught him smoking. I ask him why he does that, and he explains that it is the only way to make him feel something; that's why he wants to leave the town. "But why did you bring me with you?" I whisper. "Because I thought you were feeling the same way, like you needed to start breathing again after staying underwater. You seemed... bored of this all."

Arriving in a big city scene

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Song: Turn, The Wombats

We start doing all the crazy stuff that we've ever wanted to do, wearing big hats and sunglasses to be less recognisable. I begin to feel something for him, I can't decide if I feel that way for the situation or if I really like him.

Fighting the middle of a street scene

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Song: Space Song, Beach House

I receive a call from my furious mother, and I kinda blame her angriness on him. We start arguing about the mess we created, not caring about all of the people watching us. The guy shouts at me that he chose to run away with me because he knows that, soon, his family will move away forever, and he always thought I was interesting. I am speechless, as my feelings for him keep growing. He tells me that he will be waiting for me at his car.

Coming home scene

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Song: Cigarette Daydreams, Cage the Elephant

We are headed back home, still haven't said a word since his revelation... He stops the car, saying "I won't go on living with this regret" and he kisses me. "Please, don't go home... we can run to somewher far from here and never come back": I tell him that I love him, but I can't do this to my family. We arrive home and we say goodbye.

Goodbye scene

Lyrics, almost lover, and a fine frenzy image home, bedroom, and interior image feels, golden, and gold image aesthetic, shadow, and hand image
Song: Broken, lovelytheband

It's been almost two weeks and I have heard nothing from him. I keep thinking of the time we spent together, but it seems that he already left the town. Or so I thought. One morning he comes outside my house, before going to the airport. He wants to give me a letter and one last kiss.

Closing scene

background, clouds, and landscape image memories, quotes, and stranger image sky, clouds, and dark image girl, sunset, and sky image
Song: Somewhere only we know, Keane

It's been an entire year, but I've never forgotten. I visit the same spot where we met for the first time and imagine how my life could have been like if I run away with him. I often think about looking for him, but in the letter he said that he would have searched for me at the right time. Whenever I read this words I wonder: "If the right time wasn't then, how could it ever be right in the future?" In the very last scene I receive a text from an unknown number, only three letters. "NOW".

The End

I'm sorry guys, I know it's pretty long, but I enjoyed writing this article a lot! Leave an heart if you would like a part 2 ;)
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