Dear you,
in this article I'm gonna create aesthetics for the main characters of a great and very deep Turkish tv show: Love 101. Watch it, because it deserves a lot!

Let's start!


skirt, aesthetic, and grunge image chokers, fashion, and black image Abusive image girl image tumblr and alchol image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
she's a badass, but she's also really fragile. she'll discover the beauty of friendship and love for the first time in her life.


boy, sad, and crying image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic and boy image goth, cyber goth, and rp image run, grunge, and indie image wine, milka, and alcohol image
his dad abandoned him, he is hurt and thinks he deserves the pain he feels. he'll learn his worth.


quotes, grunge, and you image aesthetic, quotes, and art image couple, love, and dance image bed, girl, and sleep image hair, girl, and nails image words image
she's soft, cute and very kind. she'll understand when it's time to take some risks and live.


Abusive image aesthetic, black, and black hair image boy, aesthetic, and fashion image sf, quote, and saying image aesthetic, grunge, and quotes image cities, city, and clouds image
his family is very powerful and this makes him feel under pressure, he's violent, but he'll discover another powerful thing: love.


archive, aesthetic, and need image money, jeans, and theme image nutella, recipe, and chocolate image quote image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
he's an independent and smart young man, he makes a lot of money thanks to his, almost always, illegal business. he'll discover that money isn't everything and no one can make it alone.
Trust me, this tv show really deserves to be watched. You can find it on Netflix.
The End


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