Hello everybody,
I want to use my platform, even though it's small, to speak up about the black lives matter movement. To help out, you can...

  • Protest (safely because there is still Corona)
  • Spread awareness on your social media accounts or to anyone
  • Donate
  • Sign petitions
  • Educate yourself, acknowledge your privilege, and listen to their voices

Below are some organizations that you can help out!


George Floyd Memorial Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Campaign Zero

Unicorn Riot

Signing Petitions






protest, blm, and black lives matter image Image by christine♡ blm, awareness, and black lives matter image Image by christine♡ Image by christine♡ black lives matter, blm, and blacklivesmatter image

This website gives you more ways on how you can help (if I left some things out), so please take the time to look.

I've signed a lot of petitions and they only took less than 5 minutes. It's just one click, but you will make a difference. So, if you can't donate or go protest, please please sign the petitions.

Please continue to support the black community. The black lives movement is not just a hashtag, so please don’t use it if you’re ONLY saying it for clout. Also, if you're not speaking up because it doesn't match your feed or "aesthetic" that's unacceptable because you shouldn't be silent on an important issue. At least, do something if you're not going to speak up on this. This is a human rights issue, it’s crucial to support them. Be an ally.