My people, how are we? The news are pretty crazy right? Anyways, we are in pride month, my first pride month actually... i'm happy, how are we? Okay, so, since fall i wanted to do a pride tag... but i'm patience so i waited for june and this is my pride tag!

what's your name?

My name is Paula

what do you identify as?

I'm bisexual but actually... i'm thinking that pansexual might be better

can you give a definition of your label?

Okay... basically i really don't care about gender... it's more but that's my definition

when did you realize it?

Last year even tho since i was a kid i had crushes in my best friends

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do you have lgbt+ friends?

No, even tho i would love it...

do they have we heart it?

no one i know has we heart it (and i am joyful about it)

did you come out? if not, do you plan on it?

Mmmm, my therapist and sis know... the rest might know... but for now, im planning staying at the closet.

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how did you come out, or how would you come out?

Gay memes xd i'm sorry folks

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who do you look up to gender/sexuality wise?

Hayley Kiyoko, Troye Sivan and Brendon Urie

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have you ever had an lgbt+ partner?

I am in a relationship :0

have you ever argued with homophobic people?

Every day with my parents, specially with trans rights and their correct pronouns

what's the best thing about being part of this community?

how accepting some of they might be! And the great amount of memes xd i'm sorry but is true

what's the worst part?

Mmm... that even when we are all in the same community, some people judge different labels and that's not okay!

have you ever argued with teachers or any other kind of authorities because they were being homophobic?

yeah... religion teachers are pretty... horrible

who's your favorite fictional gay couple?


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and shera & catra jej
have you ever been to a gay pride?


what did you wear? or what would you wear if you've never been to one?


have you ever been misgendered?

Nop... i look very femenine? idk

did social media help you accept yourself?

YES! Dear parents, internet doesn't make your kid gay, just help them accept who they are!

are you proud of your identity?

I'm proud of who i am.