katrina: goddess of friendship, adventure, self-confidence and growth
aesthetic, green, and couple image relax image forest, dark, and aesthetic image Image by sil🌙 city, explore, and goose image girl, water, and bathroom image
fresh water streams, genuine laughter, tall trees, wearing black clothes, taking a bath, meeting new people, venturing into the unknown
rebecca: goddess of art, dance, romance and animals
girl and dance image aesthetic, alternative, and art image outfit, fashion, and purple image ballerina, ballet, and dance image aesthetic, blonde, and editing image adorable, aesthetic, and animals image
owning lots of pets, finding your soulmate, slow dancing to classical music, painting the sunset
eirn: goddess of culture, history, travel and foreign language
Image by M O N I KA T A RA peace, flowers, and war image accessories, architecture, and building image aesthetic, europe, and sea image road, nature, and travel image unknown designer image
moving to a new country, reading old history books, having heated debates and dancing to old music