You know those days that everything feels like it might fall apart? As dreaded as they most certainly are, it's important to make sure you feel connected with your mind and body as possible. When we neglect ourselves and the space around us, it's hard to see the beauty in life. While we may feel as if taking a hot shower or cleaning out that closet we've been dreading won't accomplish much to help our mental health, having some serenity in the area you call home does wonders for the mind. Here are five ways that you can manage the art of self care to make that dreaded day become a little more like a spa day:

1. Just take the damn shower.

If you've ever been in heavy depression low, it can be hard to motivate yourself to spend the time to clean yourself. I've been there so many times that the thought of turning on the water felt too much like a god-forbidden chore. There's something about peeling yourself from the couch to a hot, relaxing shower that can put a wondering mind at ease the moment the shampoo hits the hair. Instead of viewing it as a shower, think of it as a private spa day in which nothing in the outside world can harm you. So if you're reading this and dreading that step, just do it. I promise there is nothing like feeling accomplished after some soap and water.

2. Organize your closet.

What's worse than messy drawers with unpaired socks and wrinkled underwear/panties? A messy closet with shirts you've been hanging onto since senior year but never wear. The clothing you wear greatly represents your expression, and having a freshly cleaned closet with that skirt you never knew you had might bring some motivation to get rid of those old clothes and bring in some new fashion pieces. Nothing honestly feels better than some good ole' fashion retail therapy (but your wallet might disagree!).

3. Find new tunes you actually like to listen to.

If you're anything like me, the same five songs are on repeat everyday, no matter the situation. It's not exactly that I love them that much, but just that it's what is in my library that I'm used to listening to. Often times, finding some new music that I really enjoy tends to put a smile in my brain and usually on my face as well. There's something about listening to a song that no one has blasted on the radio a hundred times that brings out self expression.

4. Brush your hair like someone else is playing with it.

It's universally known that there is something about having your hair played with that's so relaxing. But when we play with our hair ourselves, we tend to miss the point of using the same gentleness and touch that others often apply. Whatever you're doing right now, drop it and take that hair down and brush it like someone else would. No more throwing it in a bun and pulling and tugging. Take just a few minutes to massage your scalp. I promise it'll be happy!

And lastly, 5. Clean out your phone contents.

This one is the one that you most likely don't even think about on a daily basis. Remember those pictures that make you sad? Remember those messages you can't stop reading but make you feel a certain type of low? What about apps you never touch, or contents that just take up extra storage? Your phone is something that you always carry with you and whether or not we like it, we are on it a good majority of the time. Cleaning the space on your phone will also reflect cleaning out the old and replacing it with new, just like any living space you clean. Once you've organized those pictures or apps, it can feel like a mountain of a difference.

While I myself am not the best with always practicing self care, it takes patience, practice, and most of all, love. Love yourself and learn to recognize what makes you personally feel on top of the world.