inspired by this article
being lazy or being productive
girl, morning, and bed image book, coffee, and study image
I'm being a bit of both, depending on the day
junk food or healthy food
want, pepperoni, and food image Image by Sasscia
I'm eating both lol, but I eat more junk food on the weekends
stay in quarantine with your family or alone
girl, friends, and friendship image girl, friends, and friendship image
with my family
binge watching or binge reading
food, donuts, and coffee image Image by Laura Morena
binge watching
comfy or classy
amazing, beauty, and beige image bag, beautiful, and beauty image
self-care routine or sebum cure
fashion, life, and relax image glossier and drunk elephant image
skin-care routine
get dressed or stay in pajamas
fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, jewelry, and outfit image
get dressed to stay at home lol
facetime or chat
iphone, gold, and apple image apple, marble, and white image
chat, but I do use facetime sometimes
work your summer body or lazy af
nike image nike, fitness, and sport image
working out
netflix or disney+
gossip girl, chocolate, and food image animation, chill, and cinema image
hope you have enjoyed ♡