"Hey LOVELIES ! How are you guys doing during this quarantine? It's a hard time for us right now, and maybe you guys probably are bored spending time a lot playing on your phone or watching Netflix on marathon. With that, I was thinking that I should probably write another articles and suggesting few hobbies that you guys could try whilst being in quarantine. I found these hobbies interesting, and I even practiced a few of them currently, so I hope all of you would find it interesting too 💞"


Here is one of the hobby that I've been doing since I was like 5 years old. I came from an artsy family so I naturally got interested in arts too. Both my late grandfather and my father expertise in human potrait and I just so happened to draw a lot of potraits too. Here are some of the examples I've been doing :

You don't have to be naturally good in drawing to make it one of your hobby. There's a lot of YouTube tutorial or drawing blog that will show you how to draw step-by-step. I find it more interesting if someone could do it in their own way too. One thing I want to point out is, drawing doesn't have to focus on specific object, you can just draw freely based on your feelings at the moment. That's why I love abstract art a lot because everyone can do it. Here are some examples you could follow :

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Just grab a pencil and a piece of paper to start would be enough

I love watching this tutorial below because it's easy, cute and aesthetically pleasing


This hobby combining creativity, writing and planning at the same time. It's perfect for those who loved to be creative and wanted to be organize when it comes to planning. One thing about bullet journaling that I like is, I can be as creative as possible. I can make my journal messy, neat, colorful, and yet I will stick to everything I had planned inside the journal. You could write down your daily schedules, your diet plan, your bucket list or just write down your thoughts for some inspiration. Just be CREATIVE as much as you want.

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It's random, interesting and very fun to look at


Just in case you've tried the traditional way, maybe you could try digital drawing. I love to do illustration and before I started doing it using illustrator tablet, I used a lot of Adobe Illustration in the beginning. There's a lot of tutorial on YouTube for this, and it might be a little complicated at first but with practices, you could master it overtime.

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Here are two examples I've done using Adobe Illustrator
You could follow the collection to see more professional illustrations


You can explore a lot with DIY PROJECT and it doesn't have to stick with art only, you could DIY with your cooking recipes, making stuff to decorate your room, doing origami, change your unused clothes to make it look unique or new etc. I love fashion and I work in the field so I tend to buy stuff from thrift shop and I DIY them to become something else. For a trial, you could start with TIE & DYE your unused clothes using bleach. If you're interested in drawing, you can draw anything on your jeans, denim jacket, shoes, or t-shirt. It's time consuming activity, but trust me you will appreciate the effort you've put every time you finish a project.

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Some of DIY painting on clothes you could try


Here's a chance for you to start experimenting on some beauty tutorial you've seen somewhere online. You maybe want to start simple like doing NAIL ART by yourself. Just buy the utensils online and watch any nail art video and start copying it. Or maybe you have a huge interest in make-up and here's the perfect time to start doing it yourself. I love playing around with my eye shadow palette and sometimes I did create some unique look unexpectedly. And afterwards I will take some selfie just to show off how it look in the end. If you like the result, you could post it online. Just do you 💋

nails and marble image nails image nails, grey, and beauty image Image by i n n o c e n c e;
Some nail inspo for you
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Also here some make-up inspo you might like


I always find how interesting every languages that had been invented in this world. Though it's impossible to learn all of them, but you could start with one language that you actually like. I'm Malaysian so of course I've been speaking in my native language, Bahasa Melayu since I was a kid and since both my parents are from Indonesia, I've been talking in their native language too. Over the time I've been continuously practicing my English speaking and it eventually became my second language now. However, I've always had interest in Korean language since I was 14 years old and before any foreign language application was invented, I would buy and collect Korean language book and I even taught myself Korean words. It's easier now because you could just download and learn any language you want through application on your phone. Now I could write and read any Korean words easily, and I be friended few Koreans to practice the language with. It's very helpful and maybe I could use it when visiting South Korea one day 😘

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"I hope my article this time might help you going through this quarantine. I wish everyone having a great time and stay healthy. Thank you for reading ❤️️"