dear mom, dad... you yelled at me for no reason sometimes and i could lose my mind
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i am not saying that i don't love you and careless is just you don't want to know
as your child i must respect any your decisions that have made but sometimes i don't want to do it and we had argument and i ask why? why you're angry? I'm just asking why what's the reason? that's it

you told me to dress nicely, be politely and smile to everyone

you told me that our family whenever having gatherings we are always perfect and happy forever but what is this? some of it call me why you're dressing like that is not suit you, you're so fat, that lipstick is too thick on you" is this what you mean the perfect happy family? because no you wouldn't think how i felt

please understand how your child feels because I'm sure someday when we're getting older it might not ended so well

ps: hi i just wanted to say i am not trying to pull the pity things but i am still a child have parents too and i go through all the way like this too so thank you for reading and understanding :)