Hello guys, this is my first article here.
So hope you will like it and don't forget to tell me what's your impressions.
I found some good questions that can identify me from this Article.

Let's get started!

1-what three words describe me best?

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2-What are the most important things in my life?

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My Dreams,My family and my happiness

3-What values are important to me?

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4-What does my ideal life look like?
OMG this is such a big question,I think that I'm still indecisive in this one I have a lot of goals but I think that the most important things are to be a creative and successful person also it happens to me to just imagine myself living in a nice apartment in LA or NYC

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doing art and to be able to express myself trough it because I have a lo to say

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I also appreciate friends a lot in my life so I wanna discover and do a lot of adventures with them and always be able to try new things

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5-What is my biggest regret?

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I think judging people because it's not always good to put judgment on people and also everyone is special in his own way

6-What are my favorite childhood memories

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Playing with my sister who's one years older than me so we were and still very close to each other

7-What makes this memories so special

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Spending time at home surrounded with my small family and being innocent and having no worries

8-What is holding me back in my life at the moment?

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At the moment it's my lack of self confidence

9-What is my biggest strength?

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I'm versatile and special in my own way and also having a lot of goals in life

10-What allowed me to reach this far in life?

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I haven't done much but I would say thinking in my own way and not letting the stereotypes get over me and the thinks I'm dreaming of even if it's quite hard nut that's the purpose

11-What make my life good

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Art,Music and friends

12-Am I happy with my life

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yes I am, probably sometimes I just have problems with my overthinking because things we want seems impossible and hard to achieve but I trust the power of god and destiny witch make it easily and reminds you of all the good simple things you should be grateful for

13-What do I admire about myself

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My ambitions in life

14-When am I most happy?

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When I am with my friends not worrying about people and being crazy as much as we want and not caring about future

15-Do I like the person I am today?

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I think that I haven't done so much in my life basically because I'm still young but I 'm very grateful for who I am and the person I am today so I'm excited for future and worried at the same time about the thinks I'm gonna be exploring about myself and other stuff, but I think life doesn't want a lot of plans we should let the destiny takes it's way.

Thank you guys for taking from your time and reading !!
Stay safe and stop worrying about life just live the moment and let the chance to yourself first because you deserve to discover you own power.