1. Your past is not your future, nor the present.

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I gotta admit, I live in the past sometimes when I get flashbacks. I have to always remember that that’s over. That’s not your life anymore, but sometimes it’s hard.

2. You can do anything you want. Literally.

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I firmly believe I can do anything, as long as I work for it. But you know, sometimes that positivity vanishes. ALSO, you can take a break for some time, that doesn’t mean it's the end of the world. NO. People need breaks. You’re people, gurl. Chill.

3. You are trying your best.

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Even though your best sometimes it’s not THE BEST, it doesn’t mean you’re not trying.


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Screw other people’s opinions. So many human beings don't do anything else other than just bringing other people down.

5. Sometimes we’re capable of things we don’t think we’re capable of.

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I think I have this quote from Jensen Ackles. And it personally hit me like freaking truck.

6. Every failure towards your dreams is not the finish line.

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"If nothing is certain, then everything is possible." as I once heard.

7. I am independent.

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Your accomplishments are yours and yours only. You worked for them, not anybody else. I have been told that "without me, you won't get anywhere" as if by myself I'm purely useless. Nah-ah, never baby.

8. Even though you don’t know how to actually get where you want to, just trust yourself that every step you take will bring you there one day.

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As I said, I have very big dreams and I plan to use this one life to the fullest. I just know I will work my ass off, but I don't know HOW will things will work out in the end. I'm not even worried about that to be honest.

9. Love yourself.

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I know you sometimes look in the mirror and think ‘meh, I’ve looked better’, cuz SAME. But try to be better everyday and love your qualities.


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Maybe even say it out loud, but deep down make sure you always know there’s that 0,0001% of strength left for tomorrow. You can choose to fight even though you feel so close to losing it.

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