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I had the idea of writing this article and thought that it can interest you as well.

I started yoga when the quarantine started. It always interested me but I always thought I won't be able to do it. Some people say they're not flexible but then they can easily touch the ground.Well, I'm definitely not that kind of a person. When I started to do it I could hardly touch my knees. Yeah, that's true, my knees. To be honest I don't know anyone who is that bad in flexibility. My PE teacher didn't believe me for months.

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I guess this is the reason why I never started yoga. But I was sooo bored at home that I decided to try it. I thought it worths a try. And I'm soo happy I started it. Now I can touch the ground and I made a huge progress. And my mind is calm while I'm doing it. Honestly, I never believed in yoga truly, I just found it cool. But now, I can tell that it works.

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I feel always motivated and calm and thoughtful and peaceful and I just love it.

I still can't do the hard ones but I definitely made a progress. And I figured it out that you don't have to be flexible to do it. The point of yoga is to become flexible - beside the mindfulness.

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I recommend yoga to everyone who wants to become flexible or wants to experience mindfulness and peace.

I often do yoga with videos. My favourites are definitely the Alo Yoga videos.

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