In this article I will explain the color combination through the itten color wheel:

colors, wheel, and itten image

1. Complementary combination
Complementary, additional, or contrasting colors are those that are located on opposite sides of the Itten color wheel.
For example:

aesthetic, blonde, and clothes image aesthetic, pink, and green image
clothes, fashion, and outfit image fashion, orange, and style image

2.Triad, the combination of 3 colors
It is a combination of 3 colors that are located at the same distance from each other.
For example:

nails, blue, and red image outfit, cute, and blue image
nike, shoes, and sneakers image art, blue, and eye image
Pink-Light Blue-Yellow

3. Analog combination
This is the combination of 2 to 5 colors located next to each other on the color wheel.For example:

nails, orange, and starbucks image Image by ᯽𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕪 𝕗𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕤᯽
aesthetic, feed, and pink image fashion, pink, and purple image

4. Complementary combination separately
It is a variation of the complementary combination, but instead of the opposite color the two colors next to it are used. For example:

Image removed fashion, green, and pastel image
blue, multicolored, and old skool image girl, kpop, and saay image

5. Tetrad, the combination of 4 colors
This color scheme includes a basic color, two additional colors and another that adds accents. For example:

clothes and fashion image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
clothing and fashion image outfit, fashion, and clothes image

6. Square
It is the combination of 4 colors that are at the same distance from each other. For example:

Image by 🎀 𝓈𝒹 🎀 long legs, instagram, and 🍑 image
fashion and makeup image aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image