A playlist of songs that put me in a cool (kinda badass) bitch mood...maybe even a but of a confidence boost. ;)

In My Feelings -Lana Del Rey

Image by Anastasiia♡
You wanna make the switch? Be my guest, baby I'm feeling all my fuckin' feelings

Bitches -Tove Lo

bitch, tattoo, and lips image
I call it respect when you givin' what you get

Alone -Avril Lavigne

Image by noura
Maybe you should stop talking for a minute Shut up, listen to me

Vérité -Claire Laffut

cry, sad, and Lea Seydoux image
Et j'ai pas le temps de me laisser envahir par tous les faux sourires

sex money feelings die -Lykke Li

beauty, lykke li, and rain image
Drink up, drink, I'm so fucked up all I want is you

Amsterdam -Imagine Dragons

aesthetic, city, and dark image
It's hard, believe me I've tried, but I keep coming up short

Tout Oublier -Angèle, Roméo Elvis

couple and love image
Le sleepn n'est plus à la mode, c'est pas compliqué

Bikini Porn -Tove Lo

kendall jenner, summer, and Kendall image
All I do is drink champagne all day

Green Light -Lorde

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But I hear sounds in my mind

Hardcore High -Juju

drink, alcohol, and party image
Oh mein Gott, dieser Vibe, diese Nacht, dieses Life

I Just Don't Care That Much -Matt Maeson

red, love, and bathtub image
And my whole fuckin' character's changed

sadder badder cooler -Tove Lo

tove lo image
Come to my pity party