Hello everyone! Happy Saturday. Yesterday, I posted an article about a new writers team, so make sure to check it out. This article is more low-key.

Millie - @millie_pearls

dead poets society image coffee, drink, and aesthetic image hair, ﺭﻣﺰﻳﺎﺕ, and شعر image Image removed letters, Letter, and vintage image book, aesthetic, and sweater image art, aesthetic, and painting image hair, fashion, and girl image Image by silke_francis love and quotes image

Feryall - @vintaqemovie

aesthetic, dragon, and red image purple, aesthetic, and wallpaper image love myself, cindy kimberly, and wolfiecindy image Image removed red, hands, and aesthetic image girl, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, brown skin, and Couture image red, car, and aesthetic image Abusive image vintage, red, and quotes image

Sofie - @s_o_f_i_l_a_l_a

couple image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic, shoes, and rainbow image girl, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic image flowers, tumblr, and alternative image yellow, aesthetic, and book image art, green, and van gogh image green, aesthetic, and book image yellow, aesthetic, and blue image

Antotito - @the10thtardis

bts, jimin, and park jimin image aesthetic, music, and photo image Inspiring Image on We Heart It bts, suga, and yoongi image makeup, glitter, and beauty image pink, beach, and sand image Image removed Temporarily removed beautiful, field, and flower image aesthetic, baby pink, and curtains image

Céline - @themessytwenty

quotes, orange, and aesthetic image vintage retro, long sleeve top, and backless top image beautiful, car, and denim image 90s, beauty, and retro image flowers, aesthetic, and tumblr image fashion and 70s image butterfly image Image by Multicolored♥Acid aesthetic, beauty, and clothes image 90s, chandler bing, and monica geller image

Martha - @mp4dreams

frank ocean image aesthetic, sunset, and travel image aesthetic, ocean, and beach image aesthetic, art, and edit image lana del rey, lana, and aesthetic image aesthetic, art, and architecture image shadow, aesthetic, and beige image alex turner, am, and arctic monkeys image john green, looking for alaska, and tv show image atmospheric, room, and window image

Alex - @sehnsvcht

aesthetic, cinema, and dark image butterfly, wallpaper, and background image jeno, nct, and nct dream image hands, love, and couple image quotes, black, and grunge image 90s, aesthetic, and black and white image theme, aesthetic, and white image aesthetic and dark image dark, aesthetic, and black image love, Angelina Jolie, and brad pitt image

Hopefully these are accurate! Thanks for everyone who requested. As always, my dms are open.

Take a look at my writers group and apply if you're interested!