I got inspired by this article :

The captions took me out.😂😂

the rules:
- Open your music
- Shuffle
- Press Play
- For each question below, write the name of the song that is playing.
- Advance a song when you move on to the question.
- No Cheating

I used all my songs on Spotify to make it even more random.

Opening Credits

The Man- Taylor Swift

Temporarily removed
8/10 This song makes me feel like the baddest bitch and makes me want to punch every men in the face that made me feel less with their comments.

theme of your birth

Lullaby-Got 7

clouds, dreaming, and sky image white, feather, and wallpaper image
4/10 my birth was everything but chill, this song is tho

first day of school

The Christmas Waltz- Frank Sinatra

snow, pink, and sky image Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕
2/10 the first day of school was magical to me, but not Christmas magical

first fight

Sunday Best- Surface

burlesque, gun, and pink image bts, hoseok, and jhope image
6/10 not a fight song, but it reminds me of all the fights I had with my sibling and the feeling when I won

first love frustration

Problems- Jung Jin Woo, Jeebanoff

neon, pink, and words image Temporarily removed
5/10 I don’t speak Korean and couldn’t find any translation, but the vibes are true to my first love frustration

theme for your school life

Intro (Daytime)- GFRIEND

Image by hhorloo0321 art, butterfly, and Fairies image
7 1/2 /10 school was hell at the end but the good parts would look even better if this song was playing

theme of your adult life

Story of my life- One Direction

books, coffee, and old image memories, photo, and picture image
6/10 I do reminisce about the old times, now that I started uni but I don’t miss my teenage years that much.

your Valentine song


dress, fashion, and pink image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
9/10 If I ever have a valentine this will play.

First DTR

Mambo No 5- Lou Bega

sex and the city, drunk, and quotes image friends, boy, and drunk image
4/10 I‘m way too open when I’m drunk, but that song is too happy for drunk dialing your ex

your wedding song

Walking- 88rising, Joji, Jackson Wang

lights, wedding, and love image goals, wed, and mood image
5/10 fun song, but more for the after party than the walking down the isle part

your "First time" song

Sucker- Jonas Brothers

Temporarily removed blurry, couple, and intimacy image
9/10 yes period!

song that defines your sex life

I wish-LUNA

background, design, and fashion image
3/10 the vibe is sexy, but the song is about your younger self…

first song played in your car

Dancing Queen- ABBA

aesthetic, dance, and gif image
10/10 one of the first songs I played when I got my drivers license

theme of your flashbacks


anime, gif, and background image
5/10 the song is bomb, but my flashbacks wouldn’t look epic even with the song playing

song of the birth of your first child

Dancing on my own- Calum Scott

elephant, animal, and baby image baby, text, and wall image
8 1/2 /10 the song makes me genuinely cry, but I sure hope the birth isn’t going to be dramatic...

song for your first PTA meeting

I think he knows - Taylor Swift

70s, fashion, and mirror image wine, drink, and red image
7/10 sorry but whose husband am I fucking?

first time I commit tax fraud

Good old fashioned lover boy - Queen

Temporarily removed cartoon, disney, and princess image
9/10 feels scandalous, who am I using and breaking their heart?

my time in the nursing home

Blame It On Me - George Ezra

black, fire works, and gif image
8/10 sounds like my friends and I go on our last road trip and everyone is looking for us, because we about to die.

song that will be played when you die

Dance Off - Macklemore, Ryan Lewis

stranger things, quotes, and red image Image by casey <3
10/10 if I die during a dance off I won in life.

song that will play at my funeral

LuHvin it - Villain

black, death, and funeral image grunge, cemetery, and pale image
7/10 the song gives "I ain’t dead yet" vibes

Final Credits

Ride On You - Jung Jin Woo

anime, gif, and nice image
8/10 nice short song, sounds really euphoric

Hope you liked it <3