finally after a long time I'm back with this now that I have more free time, but now instead of putting gifs, I'll try to make this a little bit more aesthetic, so I hope you like it :))

1. Boy with a star by Hyuk

flowers, blue, and aesthetic image book, pastel blue, and text image

2. Only one by UNB

flowers, white, and aesthetic image aesthetic, minimal, and palette image

3. Water by The Boyz

blue, aesthetic, and theme image blue and aesthetic image

4. Winter butterfly by Hyuk

coffee, aesthetic, and cafe image aesthetic, brown, and style image

5. Remember Me by Victon

nature, strawberry, and cottage image nature and flowers image

6. Habit by Seventeen

candle, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, pink, and soft image

7. SUMMER TIME by The Boyz

aesthetic, flowers, and hipster image aesthetic, minimalist, and palette image

8. D.D.D by The Boyz

purple, aesthetic, and flowers image airpods and purple image

9. Bloom Bloom by The Boyz

aesthetic, strawberry, and red image aesthetic, asia, and korea image

10. Daydream by The Boyz

aesthetic, boys, and fashion image peach, drink, and aesthetic image

11. Going High by The Boyz

aesthetic, flowers, and orange image aesthetic, flowers, and grunge image

12. Mixtape #2 by Stray Kids

Image removed coffee, drink, and aesthetic image

13. Back All Black by The Boyz

flowers, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, glasses, and minimalism image

14. I.L.Y by The Rose

flowers, rose, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beige, and soft image

15. Make This by 1Team

aesthetic, purple, and violet image flowers, purple, and aesthetic image

16. Photograph by offonoff

aesthetic, soft, and accessories image aesthetic and soft image

17. Winter Breeze by VAV

blue, bookworm, and read image blue, aesthetic, and theme image

18. Shhh by Seventeen

aesthetic, red, and theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

19. Here I Am by Victon

article, flowers, and milk and honey image aesthetic, bambi, and girl image

20. Getting Closer by Seventeen

brown, aesthetic, and coffee image aesthetic and brown image

That's all for my may playlist, I hope you liked it with this "aesthetic" theme that I liked it a lot, I tried to match the colors to each song based on the vibes I get for every song ✿

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