During the quarantine/lockdown period many people turned to working out at home. It surely is a healthy addition to your daily routine, and I wanna make it a little easier for you. Here are 5 tips you should enforce when working out!.

O N E - Eat

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Food equals energy. Even if weightloss is your ultimate goal, you should eat 30 to 60 minutes before you engage in physical activity. Make sure it's at least 200 calories worth, rich in complex carbs (like grains) and protein. Having eaten you'll have the energy to perform better than in a fasted workouts. Same goes for a post-workout meal, try to get protein and healthy fats in to start the healing process.

T W O - Time

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Choose a time of the day that works for you. Everyone has a high functioning time of their own, which is why some people will tell you their work outs are the best in the early hours and others say night time works the best. Find an hour of the day you fancy the most and try and workout everyday at that same hour - it helps with routine establishment.

T H R E E - Rest

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Tiring out your body won't help in weight loss, muscle building, or getting fitter. No matter what you thing, you need rest! Pick one or two days a week in which you won't engage in tiring physical activity to aid your body's recovery. And sleep, please!!

F O U R - Adjust

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No workout you take from someone else (YouTube or IG) can be 100% accurate and perfect for your fitness level, physique and needs. So, you gotta adjust! It's okay to take longer breaks, switch one exercise for another or simply skip it! Make each workout your own, fun and just enough challenging for you.

F I V E - Motivation

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You won't feel like working out every single day, some days it's easier and others you reeeally don't wanna do it - and that's okay! Ever heard of intuitive eating? Try and engage the same morals in your fitness lifestyle. Listen to your body and move it in ways you enjoy when you want to!

Hope these tips will help you in your fitness journey!!
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