lately i haven't been feeling myself and thought it would be a good idea to create a vision board kind of article of my goals, future plans and desires.

my present

  • get into my dream university
  • achieve the study scores i want
  • maintain honesty to myself
fashion, body, and aesthetic image girl, beauty, and aesthetic image
body and face
tumblr, tv series, and Alyssa image music, quotes, and life image
quotes and thoughts
aesthetic, beautiful, and photography image melbourne and australia image
living and scenery

my future

  • get a job placement internationally
  • meet someone i can love
  • create new relationships
where i want to live
belfast, exploring, and Houses image belfast, castle, and foggy image
northern ireland
what i want to be doing
glasses, dark academia, and aesthetic image study, college, and school image
translating or historical work
who i want in my life
dark academia image dark, girl, and grunge image
my best friend angie
dark academia, friends, and aesthetic image girl, aesthetic, and art image
i want to make new friends and leave my family
who i want to be
aesthetic, dark academia, and books image art, fashion, and style image
a different person to who i am now

thanks for reading :), have a lovely day