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lcky is back after idk how many days or weeks it's been...

- so recently, it was my older sister's birthday and we bought some soju to drink for her birthday!!!

  • we bought two kinds since we wanted to try other flavors too. the jinro 참이슬 (chamisul), and the chum churum 순하리 peach flavored
  • we drank it at 22:15 (10:15pm) bc we wanted to drink it late to ig feel the feeling of gettin drunk at night lol.
  • a day before we bought the soju, my sister told me to learn how to open a soju bottle in a way for it to taste better or for it to not taste bitter.
  • that night, i kept watching the same video on learning how to open it. it was difficult watching it at the normal speed, so i had to watch it at the slowest play speed. after idk, 50 tries, i finally got it and my arms were sore from all my attempts.
  • i remember opening the chamisul and smelled it. it has a bitter taste and solid bitter scent that hits you. when you take a shot, there is a warm feeling after it was swallowed. the peach flavored one smelled sweet bc obv it's peach so yea. but even tho the scent was sweet, the taste was sweet and had a bitter aftertaste.
  • we also had some snacks and some marinated baby crabs that we bought at the korean supermarket to eat while drinking bc we wanted to do what was done in kdramas~
  • my older sister took 10 shots, and at the time, i had only taken 6 and my sister told me to take another shot, which became my 7th shot.
  • after a few minutes, she poured me another shot so that i could "feel as drunk as her"
  • eventually, the soju began to hit me and we just sat there making fun of each other bc we were drunk. i made fun of her the most bc she couldn't keep her eyes open and she was laughing at me bc my cheeks and my ears were red.

mochi as a drunkie:
- giggly~ hehe~
- blushed cheeks (got dat asian glow lolz)
- red ass ears
- was v confused (kept telling my sister that i felt confused)
- was alrdy wearing glasses but my eyes felt like i was slightly seeing double
- sitting there blinking with my mouth slightly apart being confused
- felt v warm
- sorta felt sleepy and tired
- went to bed bc i felt sleepy, problem was that i couldn't even sleep!!!

  • this was the first time i got drunk bc i've never gotten drunk before. i've only tried other kinds of alcohol but never gotten myself drunk. i've only tried margarita, red wine, vodka, whiskey, tamarind tequila, and now soju hehe.
  • that night, i wanted to test my alcohol tolerance, and ig i did well bc i didn't do anything dumb or puked, or maybe that's bc it wasn't super strong.

- but yea~! that's pretty much it about the first time i drank soju and got drunk with my sister. we'll most def buy more to taste every flavor 😂

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