hello everyone,

i have never spoken about politics on here but i wanna spread the word about black lives matter and George Floyd. if you are not aware, George Floyd was brutely murdered by white cops three days ago. the cops were called on him bc he allegedly forged a check which has been proven to be false and his money was real. Derek Chauvin put a knee to his neck for over 8 minutes, suffocating him then ultimately killing him. Three other officers were Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J.Alexander Keung who stood by and did nothing for George. there have been many protests in Minneapolis that have turned into riots and looting is also involved. the reason for this is that police are shooting teargas and rubber bullets FIRST. protestors never made it violent first. the protestor's points are not being heard to the point where they have to resort to these actions.

you guys have probably heard of ACAB, which stands for all cops are bad, etc. people are asking why people stand by these words, cops are one of the most corrupt, sexist, and racist groups out there. the system has been proven to be systematically racist especially towards black people. i, personally will not be supporting a system that continues to fail my peers in my community. you may wonder "not all cops are bad though", i am gonna tell you why is that wrong. cops should not be called good cops because they are doing their job. if you are a "good cop" and still allow your fellow peers to go around and kill innocent black people, then YOU ARE APART OF THE PROBLEM. you CHOOSE to be apart of a corrupt system and allow these murders to happen while defending them in the process. there is no good cop unless the system changes. that is the meaning of ACAB.

BLM is a movement that has been around for a couple of years, it is to protest against police brutality towards black people. so many innocent black people who were not armed have been killed by police. they say they serve to protect the people but why is that they are killing us? why are they specifically targeting black people? we say black lives matter because they are making it seem like black lives do not matter. all lives cannot matter until ppl realize that black lives matter too. people love to bring up the argument for "black on black crime" or " black people commit more crimes than white people". black on black crime is just a crime, it does not involve racism!! black people do not commit crimes against other black people because of their skin color. it has been proven on many websites that black people are more likely to be falsely accused than white people and white people commit crimes just as much as black people but do not get incarcerated as much. more info on this website:


going back to the protests, the protests started out as peaceful protests. it only turned violent when police shot the teargas and rubber bullets first. when shot with teargas, the target in Minneapolis denied milk and other medicines to protestors and has a racist past too. that is why it was looted and later burned down. i do not condone looting and property damage, but nothing else is working so these actions are inevitable. as MLK said, "riot is the language of the unheard." MATERIAL VALUE IS REPLCABLE, INNOCENT LIVES ARE NOT.

what can i do to help?
there are many petitions to get the rest of the officers arrested, you may think that doesn't help but it does! any coverage and attention help us get justice. text FLOYD to 55156 to sign a petition and donate to his family and other organizations. educate yourself, your friends, and your family. protest! spread the word to be an ally do not be quiet!!!

if i am going to protest what should i do to be safe?
-wear baggier clothes, masks, goggles, anything that can make it hard for cops to ID you. hide tattoos, or any other noticeable features like scars, etc.
-be aware of fake protestors and undercover cops! they might cause harm to you and others or frame you for property damage/looting.
-if you are sprayed with teargas, there is this medicine available at drugstores called maalox. mix it in with water and it will stop the pain from the teargas. do not bring milk! unless that's the only thing u can get :)
-if you are a white person, stand in between poc and the cops! they are less likely to harm you. use your privilege for good, please.
-DO NOT LOOT OR RESORT TO VIOLENCE FIRST! unless it gets that bad or police has started it then go ahead but don't do it first! they can charge you!
-DO NOT UPLOAD VIDS WHERE U CAN SEE PROTESTORS FULL FACE! REPORT ANY VIDEOS THAT DO! people have started to disappear after protests when they got exposed. if there are people in your video COLOR THEM OUT! do not blur, cops can unblur easily.

remember to be safe and protect yourself and others! remember what you are fighting for! we can end this together. i love you and support you.

-kristine (name reveal omg)