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People always talk about how its such an amazing country. They talk about how much they want to move here. But do they really?

Do they really know what happens here? How much of a mess it is? How unfair it is?

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Let me tell you, America is not what it seems. There is so much wrong with this country but what I solely want to focus on is the people in America.

The diversities in America and the roles of cops.

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As many may have heard, George Floyd was handcuffed with a KNEE on his neck, making him unable to breathe. He was gasping for air and calling out to his mother. Never did he resist the cops, he complied. Never was he a threat but yet somehow the cop found him as a threat and then cuffed him. But wait- that wasn't enough he decides to cut his airway short by his knee.

That's not a cop. That's murder. A racist, bloody murderer.

That is not the first time this has happened.

Black lives matter. They always have and they always will but our(white) lives do not matter UNTIL black lives matter.

I am not black but I will stand with you.
I am not black but I will fight for you.
I am not black but I will defend you.
I am not black but I will see you.
I am not black but I value you.

African Americans fought; they fought with blood, sweat, and tears to get what is rightfully theirs- equality. They lost innocent people who were fighting for a right that they deserve. So tell me please why won't it stop.

Racism is something the country should have thrown away back when the Civil War ended. Yet, why is a cop- that is someone who is supposed to PROTECT lives and serve the country and communities- going against everything AMERICA stands for.

When immigrants first came into the country, they saw the Statue of Liberty which symbolizes freedom and hope. Hope for a better life but most importantly FREEDOM. Free to have a voice, a choice, a religion, so how come the people who were born here in the lovely America, have to be hated on for what? The color of their skin? That bothers you? They are human, they have feelings and they are equal to every race. Their skin color DOES NOT matter.

Racism is NOT okay and never will be.

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So now, would you like to come to America?

Hi, these are my feelings about what is going on in the world. I am very upset and disgusted by all that has happened. In no means is it ok to kill an innocent man and in no way does that cop have the right to choose if he had the right to life or not. All the cop had to do (if there was any problem or crime happening) was put him in handcuffs and into the back of the police car. Not place his whole body weight on his neck and suffocate him to death. That, that right there is a murder.