Hey yall I just wanted to use this article to take the time to reflect on everything that has been happening in out country and in our cities and how it has impacted all of us also wanted to give my opinion on some of the things trending on twitter and how I think things should be handled at a time like this.
First of all I wanna say Rest in Paradise to George Floyd and to give my most sincere condolences all African Americans that have been murrdered,harrassed,beaten,and completely mistreated by the police and who have completely been ignored for their cry's and pleads for equality.
Everything that has happened in out country in only the matter of less than a week in this is absolutely disgusting and I feel like people are completely forgetting the big picture ANOTHER one of our own has been MURDERED and people are pushed to their limits. People are hurt,angered,and are not at rest because of this. This is a huge deal and it is more than problem. The fact that people want a peaceful protest is understanding but how much longer is that going to have to happen how many more black people are going to have to die for people to realize that peace is not working. We have tried for years and centuries to be peaceful with people that keep killing us. These are sons,daughters,children that are being killed by the hands of people that are meant to protect us.They're humans and unlike buildings they cannot be restored. I may sound wrong or just be speaking from a place of hurt but I think what is happening in Atlanta,Minneapolis,and Nyc is not wrong people are hurt and beyond tired at this point. We have to pray everyday that we can come home safely we have to pray that our fathers,brothers,and sons are going to come back in one piece. As community we have to stand our grand and refuse to be pushed around anymore. Bottom line people are hurt and in anger and outrage and they have every right to be a whole entire race of people deserves tf better and we have to demand respect and stand for what we want so if it takes for a couple of burning buildings and for some cop cars to get smashed then so be it.They aren't being peaceful when they kill us they haven't been peaceful EVER so why should we respect them and fall to their graces and continue to ask for something that we have already been begging for years it time that we take what we want this seems to be the only way they'll listen. If you've read this please be safe and protect yourself, your rights, and our loved ones. I love you all and I want you to know we WILL have justice one way or another. #BLACKLIVESMATTER