i've been cultivating my taste via Youtube because i can't do anything else during quarantine! here are some of my favorite youtubers that i recommend all of you check out!


  • best thrift flipping and thrift haul videos
  • aesthetic and real film-like video layout
  • humble, hilarious if not self-degrading, intellectual
ashley and bestdressed image ashley and bestdressed image

Jenn Im

  • motivation and self care
  • that successful big sister vibes
  • she honestly has the best vlogs
  • inspirational and very #bosslady
coachella, fashion, and girls image jenn im image

Avrey Ovard

  • relatable and very open about depression and anxiety
  • trendy fashion, makeup, and hairstyling looks
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Haley Pham

  • has a wide variety of videos, including hauls, challenges, vlogs, and experiments
  • bubbly and extremely outgoing
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Hitomi Mochizuki

  • vegan, spirituality, meditation, inspiration
  • open about sexuality, mental health, and lifestyle
  • honestly has one of the most soothing, beautiful voices, she needs her own podcast
girl, hair, and tattoo image alternative, girls, and skincare image

Sarah Cheung

  • unique makeup looks
  • she's like that one open, honest best friend
  • really knowledgeable about skincare
sarah cheung image sarah cheung image

Boho Beautiful

  • honestly has the BEST yoga and pilates workout
  • targets different kinds of regions in your body at all levels + comfort
  • lifestyle tips, vegan, travel, sparks the wanderlust
beach, boho, and girl image fitness, girl, and inspiration image

Jordan Theresa

  • commentary videos about our generation and social media
  • has a very unique take and definitely podcast-like
Linh Truong
  • interesting book hauls, lookbooks, and lifestyle videos
  • very funny and relatable for depicting student life
  • her videos have such an aesthetic format, its a whole artwork
Image by yellowjbird Image by yellowjbird
Michelle Phan
  • the original beauty guru and ICON
  • has such a lovely, soothing voice
  • unique +crazy makeup looks and everyday, glowy, minimalist makeup
makeup and michelle phan image michelle phan image
Emma Chamberlain
  • relatable and sarcastic humor
  • interesting fashion hauls and realistic vlogs
  • pretty much the face of Gen Z
emma chamberlain image emma chamberlain image
  • aesthetic, minimalist, soothing cooking asmr
  • literal food porn
  • asian foods and vlogs
chocolate, food, and cupcake image food, aesthetic, and delicious image
Jessica Vu
  • AESTHETIC video editing and unique makeup looks
  • her voice is so soothing and she does art therapy sessions!
  • literally like the daughter of michelle phan
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Rowena Tsai
  • gives tips for a more productive lifestyle
  • can literally shape you into a better boss lady
  • all about work, studying, organization, and happy mindsets
girl, lifestyle, and smile image