Happy Friday Hearters!

We can’t believe it’s already the weekend again! We hope that you’ve been enjoying our podcast recommendations from our podcast player partner, Player FM . This week, we want to share some binge-worthy shows to listen to over the weekend.

Coffee Sprudgecast

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Calling all coffee fanatics, if you’re anything like us, you can’t go one day without your favorite cup of coffee! Join Sprudge co-founders, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen explore the exciting world of specialty coffee.

Love Life With Matthew Hussey

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Get coached by the World’s #1 Dating Expert for Women! Listen as he shares practical tips that are easy to implement and will immediately improve all of your relationships—romantic, family, friends, career, and most importantly, the relationship with yourself.

Body Kindness

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Tune in to Body Kindness to redefine what it means to pursue health. When you practice Body Kindness, you create a more satisfying life by being good to yourself. Learn how self-compassion and acceptance can help you cultivate a “caregiver” voice and quiet the “inner critic”. Take a step towards self care!

Bon Appétit Foodcast

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The Bon Appétit Foodcast features interviews with chefs, writers, and anyone who has something cool to say about food. The podcast covers everything from the restaurant scene all over the country—take a peek inside the mind’s of the world’s best chefs—to new cooking techniques to try out at home! New episodes air every Wednesday.

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[The Dinner Party Download |https://player.fm/series/series-131895]

Tune in for a fast and funny hour of culture, food, and conversation! You’ll be sure to learn something new and funny in each episode! Join hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam for your dose of unconventional wisdom!

The Player FM library is full of endless podcasts related to any topic of interest! These are our top picks for this weekend. While you’re out tanning, cooking, grocery shopping fill your time with educational and entertaining podcasts!