a song that describes how i'll die
brandy by looking glass

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this song is not very sad-sounding. it's actually pretty peaceful and happy. i hope that means i die happy and at peace!

a song that describes how my love life will be
when i get you alone by robin thicke

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well, this song is pretty self-explanatory (and topically relevant lol)

a song that will play at my wedding
mystery of love by sufjan stevens

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oh this is perfect! i would totally play this song at my wedding.

add in my pants at the end of the title of this song
killer queen "in my pants" by queen

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a song that will play at my funeral
sycamore girl by rex orange county

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tbh i actually hate this song lol. i used to love it but my ex kind of ruined all of rex orange county for me so i hope this isn't played at my funeral haha!

a song that describes my week
hard times by paramore

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yeah, this is pretty accurate

my theme song
tiny dancer by elton john

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awwww i love this song! i think the vibes fit me pretty well

a song to listen to when i think about my crush
pressure by the 1975

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you really can't go wrong with the 1975 if you wanna pine for your crush lol. every one of their songs seems fitting.

a song to listen to when i'm missing someone
bellyache by billie eilish

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welp, definitely not the kind of missing i was expecting, but i'll take it lol