More one year on this Earth. Fortunately, I have had the power of enjoying all the good things that Jesus has given to me. The delicious breakfast with a beautiful sunny day, the river running above the stones, the Mother Nature around me, my family, I have clothes too! Why would I complain about life?? Life is made by good days and bad days!! We need bad days to become great persons, to face with the best version of ourselves! It's hard to deal with tough days but, nobody wants a boring life. During 16 years I understood LIFE HAS MANY OBSTACLES AND THIS OBSTACLES WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER! Everything gets better when you see this obstacles like your friends! I mean, despite all the pain that they can give u, they give you an important lesson too! You just have to get up of your bed and stop overthinking! Just do what makes you happier, be yourself! Between 13 and 15 I taught myself how to give a fuck to the eating disorder, I taught myself that my opinion is importanter than others! I understood that it's all about me, my mental and fisical health are dependent on my point of view about how I want to live this life! About crying, I would say that crying is good for yourself, you can and must liberate all the tears that are the synonymous of toxic stuff that are invading all your organism! Do the things for yourself, look into yourself, sometimes you just need to understand yourself, to give it more and more attention, your body gives you signs that you don't pay attention enough! Why don't you stop for a minute and ask yourself " Am I listening my body, Am I listening my pleasures or Am I just in the hands of fear??". Right now, I am worried about how society is so focused on implementing standards that if we don't follow them, we are ( opinion of persons who follow these standards) , literaly, I would say strangers being humans! Thin or fat? Black or white? With acne or a clean skin? Everybody has different qualities, everybody looks different, everybody has an different opinion about this or that! We don't need to worry about others lives, we need to focus in ours! We don't need to divide the population!! We can live in the same circle, with the same rights and duties, without any stupid comment or act! Everybody can live freely without judgements! Now, I am going to ask you a simple thing. Live your life, always be grateful for everything you have, nothing happens without a reason! Just focus on you, don't compete with anyone, Feed your soul with good content, feed your body with healthy food and sometimes a great pizza! Support your family, your friends, your cat or dog! Don't let bad days invade all your life, but don't choose always the easier path!! Sometimes what seems good can be awesome but it can be really harmful too! And sometimes what seems bad can be really good too! Sometimes we complicate the process but we don't need to do it, just take a breath and give your soul a rest!! Life is shorter than you think!! And now you are saying " Well, you just have 16, why are you saying it?". Believe in me, unfortunately, all the good things end so early!!

Yesterday 28th May, I started writing this article but I just finished it today! I am so grateful for all the goods texts that so many people sent me, thanks for the congratulations messages! CAKE, happiness and more cake, it was a great day! With time we grow up and it's so good to see how many lessons we can adquire throughout all the past moments!! Hope u are amazing!!!!