Hello my spiritual people hope y’all having a good day :D💕

Meditation can be done anywhere anytime as long as you are fully focused on you and nothing is distracting you from the present moment, and shower meditation is one of those ways to go for whether you shower in the morning to start your day or at night to simply be ready for another day

And here how mine goes:

☁️I’d love to drink a cup of water before getting into the shower because it helps to reduce blood pressure

☁️As we know meditation is about focusing on your breathing and taking deep breath but since this session is done at a very steamy closed area with a temperature that’s way above normal temperature it’s better to breathe calmly and normally

☁️You start off by telling yourself not only you wash and clean your physical body but you also clean the inner you and you wash out any unwanted energy

☁️“With the same water that keeps wild ocean animals alive, with the same water that keeps every single plant to later on becoming wild forests alive, with the same water that keep any being alive, I wash out negativity, fear, self doubt, hate, and any energy that won’t benefit me i allow them to leave in order to allow more space for love, compassion, success and happiness”

It takes less than five minutes but to do this everyday it leaves such an impact that lead to better days and a better you

Thanks for reading💕