Hi Love!!! How Are You?

#Riverdale is my Favorite #Series on #Netflix and I discovered they were inspired by the history of comics called Archie Comics whose first publication was almost 80 years ago! It's Incredible. I am going to share images to inspire you and find what it is about, very entertaining to do in this quarantine

Let's Start!!!
illustration image
adorable, Archie, and beautiful image
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Archie, Betty, and comic image
love, comic, and vintage image
illustration and veronica image
amazing, funny, and thrift image
pop art and looks like archie comics image
Archie, illustration, and rockabilly image
Archie, kiss, and Betty image
comic, quotes, and sexy image
comic, archie comics, and betty cooper image
comic, Archie, and kiss image
riverdale, comic, and jughead image
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girl, boys, and quotes image
May curiosity win you over, immerse yourself in history!
books and comic image
Thank for reading, Have a good Riverdale Day!