The titile said what the title said...
A list of guys who own my heart and day dreams...
I apologize if you do not find your fave celeb in this list, there's just soooo many snacks out there I couldn't put all of them. But I do plan on having a part 2, so there will be more diversity and snacks to come XD

Harry Styles

Harry Styles image

If my future mans doesn't treat people with kindness, I don't want him. Get you a mans who looks both adorable and hot at the same time sis. Harry is the only reason why I still have faith in men

Timothy Chalamet

timothee chalamet, actor, and boy image

Need I say more? I mean... that bone structure can cut my pie any time... don't get me started on his talents... Tim really is a gem

Aron Piper

elite, boys, and spain image

Aron was the best discovery I made when watching Elite. The entire cast is not only talented but hot too, and Aron is no exception fam

Michael B Jordan

michael b. jordan image

This man... my gawd... not only his looks, I happen to be captivated by every charachter he plays as well, his smile is one of my favorite things about him

Asap Rocky

asap rocky image

I mean... voice, beauty, body... SMILE, mans hot

Quincy Brown

fine, quincy, and mcm image

Quincy is one of the few men whom you take one look at and just know they're worth your time or at least a conversation. He's handsome af too, clearly...

Theo James

theo james image

Another talented snack...I heared that he was discussed about during auditions for the Christian Grey character, and if Jamie wasn't so good, Theo would've gained the role. The idea of Theo as a dominat tho...dang

Brad, Leo, and Johnny

brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio, and johnny depp image

I couldn't decide and let's face it, they were the holly trinity at a certain point, they still are very atractive but I always remember this picture and wish I would have met them at this age

Jacob Elordi

jacob elordi image

A man who has quite the package (no pun intended) he got the looks, the talent, AND he hangs out with Zandaya a lot, so I just know he must be is fun to be around ... plus he's a vision to look at too. Euphoria was a blessing to him and us I must say.


boys, gym, and Hot image

Bruuuuh <3

Dylan Obrien

dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and dylan image

A cute little baby wha can choke like a daddy... need I say more

So that is it for part 1, hope you liked the list, if not then maybe part 2 would be more of your taste... see ya