Hey everyone! Today, I'm going to be writing about something that I've been thinking about a lot recently, and I know other people have been too. This thing is features that need to be added or changed to this platform.

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I absolutely adore this wonderful app and community and only want the best for it! I in no way want this to sound only critical and like I'm attacking the platform, because I truly am only looking for it to flourish.


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I wrote one article back in july of 2019, and forgot about this website until quarantine. mainly, I've been pleasantly surprised at this platform's ability to cultivate community--it's not like pinterest, where you rarely get a following and is more individualistic. however, while the community is wonderful, we heart it needs to talk more with it's users and create a reason to be on the website. we heart it needs to better their communication with us.

improving this might take:
  • re-instating the 'hearters' badge
  • re-establishing the writers team
  • giving creators a spotlight
  • listening to our ideas for the app
  • contests and events

on the theme of communication, I would also like to talk about how whi could help us improve our communication with each other. this community is very strong, but sometimes it's hard to interact with your following.

the home page is very dull, as there are only pictures and articles, and if you're looking to tell your following anything, you have to make an article for it.

improving this might take:
  • ability say something short that will appear on followers' home page
  • polls with followers
  • group chats
  • ability to collaborate on an article
  • comments
  • ability to have 'stories'
  • some way to meet people to collaborate with
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I wouldn't say that whi is particularly hard to navigate, but some things are difficult to understand and could be clearer.

for example, I recently found out that what I thought was the heart count was really the views, which totally confused me since it had a heart symbol. I'm sure that this is to make people think that they are getting more traction than they are, which is smart, but feels bad once you figure out the truth.

another quick thing I want to mention is that some people are still not being published for putting links in their bios years ago. if it's an honest mistake, the punishment shouldn't be so severe.

clearing out old content is also something that should be worked on - this platform might have stuck around for a long time, but the trends haven't.

improving this might take:
  • changing the heart and views
  • clearing out old content
  • giving lighter punishment for people who violated terms of service a long time ago
  • better discover page (newer photos)
  • filters for search engine
  • deleting inactive accounts
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personally, I'm not super into companies who sell subscriptions, since I might not be able to buy them and leaves me feeling left out. however, with whi, I don't feel left out.

you'd think that this is a good thing, but if you think about it, it really isn't. it means that there is simply so little appeal to being a subscriber that I don't want to be one, even as a person who loves this platform.

because I love this platform so much, a subscription might be something that I would buy, or at least be okay with because I want what's best to keep the app running.

adding new features to the subscription is what would make this worth buying. a feature I'd love to see is q & a articles with celebrities that are only for members, or only members can submit questions for the celebrity. another idea is how-to articles (grow your account, cook, skincare) from experts (established writers on this app, chefs, dermatologists) for members. exclusive features are great, so long as they don't take away from what non-members have now.

improving this might take:
  • a spotlight on subscribers
  • membership exclusive q & a articles with celebrities
  • new fonts for subscribers
  • grammarly type editor for subscribers
  • article ideas for subscribers
  • how-tos
  • option to print article
  • free trial
  • established writers getting free memberships
  • lowering the price of a subscription
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at least for me, writing articles is one of the main reasons I love this platform so much. overall, I would say that they're well planned, easy to use, and very unique to this platform. but, there are a few problems.

the most preached thing in all of these types of articles is being able to write articles on your phone. not everyone has a working laptop, and there's not much apparent reason for not being able to.

another feature I'd love to see (listed above) is being able to collaborate on an article without doing half on one person's side, half on the other.

the articles page could also use some re-working, so we can sort from popular to newest and search specifically for articles. I would love to have an article spotlight from them, amongst other things.

improving this might take:
  • spotlight articles
  • search for articles
  • reactions for computer
  • writing groups
  • writing articles on your phone
  • collaborative articles
  • ability to link your own photos in articles
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I've talked a little bit about this already, but it's simply because this platform has so much potential. the We Heart It articles should be better, as they should be an example for aspiring writers.

some ideas for them could be reestablishing the writers team or talking to celebrities! spotlights on creators would make people feel appreciated as well.

improving this might take:
  • new kinds of articles that aren't ads
  • talking to famous bloggers or other celebrities
  • video how-tos on writing articles
  • invest in advertisements for new users
  • I can't stress this enough: make creators feel appreciated
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overall, no I don't hate this app, I want it to grow. the platform feels like a perfect balance, and it inspires me more than you could imagine, but it needs different features to satisfy users and create new ones.

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

thanks for reading! this was a pretty long article, but I hope it makes some sort of difference. I'll be doing the personal aesthetics soon, so make sure to request them! dm me if you have any questions or just want to chat. also, please take the whi community poll. I'll be sharing the results very soon, with a fun surprise.

a huge thank you to this writer who mentioned my article! it totally made my day.