full name: draco lucius malfoy
black, boy, and guy image eyes, aesthetic, and grey image boy image fashion, black, and style image
birthday: 5th june 1980
blood status: pure blood
species: wizard
malfoy family
M image draco malfoy, harry potter, and lucius malfoy image

10 inches, hawthorn, unicorn hair

harry potter and slytherin image aesthetic, black, and hogwarts image
draco malfoy, harry potter, and tom felton image model, boy, and lucky blue smith image draco malfoy, harry potter, and hogwarts image boy and white image
pale skin / sliver-blonde hair / grey eyes
black, slytherin, and snake image slytherin image
malfoy family / slytherin quidditch team / death eaters
personal traits
aesthetic, quotes, and slytherin image quotes, babe, and green image
self-confident, quick-thinking, sarcastic, natural leader, perfectionist
closest friends
draco malfoy, harry potter, and slytherin image aesthetic, green, and harry potter image
blaise zabini, pansy parkinson
married to astoria greengrass
Image by moon man fashion, style, and vintage image girl and lifestyle image green, jewelry, and rings image
father of scorpius malfoy
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