eid mubarak everyone!

this year's eid is going to be so different
so we may do some activities to feel less strange
n here's the inspo:

day before

  • pampering
bath, interior, and home image
  • skin care
aesthetic, girl, and mask image
  • henna tattoo
arab, arabic, and eid image
  • finishing quran reading
aesthetic, arabic, and book image
  • house cleaning/decorating
Image by Naz

the EID day

  • eid prayer at home
allah, arabic, and dz image
  • getting ready
bathroom and makeup image
  • hair and outfit
hair, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, culture, and dz image
  • have a nice breakfast with family
dress, food, and hijab image
  • phone call family and friends
Image by charlinedbs
  • barbeque
meat image
  • just enjoy the day
light and fireworks image

L . O . V . E