hi! welome to my article, thanks for stopping by ♡ today i have a little game for you. you choose and aesthetic and i'll give you an album to listen to :) i got inspired to do this by @opcnarms's article <3

here we go:

aesthetic I:

black and forest image arrows, chaos, and dark image grunge, dark, and night image theme, bts, and kpoprp image aesthetic, cool, and goth image Image by retro queen

aesthetic 2:

nails, nike, and purse image aesthetic, pink, and bag image fashion, aesthetic, and alternative image nails, cherry, and green image pink, aesthetic, and bike image aesthetic, guitar, and archive image

aesthetic 3:

soft, soft theme, and softie image <3, aesthetic, and core image black, alternative, and dark image sanrio, kawaii, and pink image alternative, emo, and scream image aesthetic, black, and dark image

aesthetic 4:

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image alternative, carefree, and eyes image crystal, aesthetic, and grunge image house, lights, and sky image quotes, sad, and aesthetic image Image by luw

aesthetic 5:

alt, skater, and indie boy image fire, grunge, and aesthetic image aesthetic and black and white image crazy, outfit, and outfits image aesthetic, art, and blue image cake, funny, and grunge image

aesthetic 6:

aesthetic, books, and green image flowers image book, plants, and indie image vintage, couple, and green image aesthetic, jesy, and little mix image aesthetic, beautiful, and daily image

aesthetic 7:

sky, sunset, and aesthetic image girl, yellow, and tumblr image grunge, friends, and night image sunset, friends, and summer image quotes, aesthetic, and night image couple, love, and hands image


the results:

if you chose aesthetic 1, you got:
Halfaxa by Grimes!

grimes image grimes and halfaxa claire boucher image

if you chose aesthetic 2, you got:
diary 001 by Clairo!

clairo image claire cottrill and clairo image

if you chose aesthetic 3, you got:
Am I A Girl? by Poppy!

black and white, poppy, and photography image poppy, rose, and moriah image

if you chose aesthetic 4, you got:
Blood Sucker by Elita!

yungelita and elita harkov image yungelita image
i couldn't find any pics of the cover so here's some pictures of elita instead lol

if you chose aesthetic 5, you got:
Cherry Bomb by Tyler, The Creator!

cherry bomb, tyler the creator, and cherrybomb image flower boy, pink, and rapper image

if you chose aesthetic 6, you got:

sza, music, and ctrl image sza, ctrl, and solana image

if you chose aesthetic 7, you got:
Sunset Season by Conan Gray!

album, music, and sunset image conan gray image


that's it! have a great day/goodnight. also if you are interested you can check my other articles <3