So today I wanted to tell everybody the secrets to long hair.

The number one thing to remember is that your hair needs a break. out of the methods I'm going to tell you, you CANNOT do them all in one day that is like a hair overload.

Guys, it is so bad for your hair I can´t even explain! If you are going to use products try going natural. it will help I promise. You can use more natural conditioners like coconut oil or castor oil.

Heat or styling tools burns and wrecks your hair so please don´t do that to your hair it isn´t worth it in the long run. Heat can cause breakage or split ends.

I know it sounds funny but not using shampoo really does stimulate hair growth. The natural oil helps the hair follicles relax. It will leave your hair greasy for a while ( until your scalp gets used to it ) but nobody will see because we are all stuck in quarantine

I hope this helps,