Hi Everyone!

  • Just so you all know, I have never written an article on here before and I'm happy to let all of you know that this is going to be my first article about my 2020 Winter New York City Journey ✨✨✨

To the ones who dream of being a big movie star: To the ones who love to do adventurous things:
City Girls & Guys ♥️ Dreamers
Shopaholics ♥️ Fashionistas
Students ♥️ Families
Besties ♥️ Everyone
Whoever you are; whoever you wish you see yourself as like Holly Golightly, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass or Serena Van der Woodsen...

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"When in New York...you can be anything and whoever you like to be on the streets of NYC".

As for me, I always dreamed of going to the USA since I was a little girl. My dad asked me what country I would love to go for travel; America was always my answer. Because of Big Movie Productions, Hollywood, Beautiful Actresses & Actors and so many more glamourous things I could think of. So, I'm an ABSOLUTE dreamer. And eventually, I landed an Internship in New York City. Though I'll admit, there was little time for me to plan and explore the city since I worked Full Time... 😕

So, I thought it would be fun to share with you my adventure, experience and memories that I have in store for you to get you stepping right onto the grounds of NYC. Oh and btw, It's winter season there !! It can get very chilly ❄️💨

Places that I have visited; note I am big self-indulgence!

Lotte New York Palace in Madison Avenue

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Welcome to the most iconic, luxurious and aesthetically pleasing landmark in the heart of Mid-Town Manhattan. As a first-timer, I stayed 3 nights in hopes of being the only 'It Girl' Serena Van der Woodsen. My Room, wasn't just a regular hotel room it was a suite which I chose for myself :

where you can see the skyline view, the whole Manhattan from up high. You can see what's happening in the city, in the heart of Manhattan

The Empire State Building, St Patrick's Cathedral: Just to name a few....

Yes! Everything Lux

Image by Cazza Image by Cazza
Psst, without a doubt when you wake up at 7am; I definitely recommend you to have a fine breakfast in (The Golden Room: Villard Restaurant). In this room, you may find the inner gossip girl in you and charming french guys. There is a secret gossip girl hidden in there!

If you grab a drink, a glass of cocktail and a glass of white wine.

★ This all can be quite expensive, even if you're cannot afford to go I would recommend you to just go in and explore the hotel Lobby if you're keen on Instagram photos.
I 100% say that staying in a wonderful hotel like this is definitely the best start of my NYC journey.

Fifth Avenue; Shopping (5th Avenue)

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Shopaholics! 5th Avenue is one of the finest and elegant streets in New York City. It is famous for its fashion designer boutiques, it's chic department stores. If you love a morning motivation you can never go wrong with looking at the window displays of Top Fashion Designers... or try out some couple of styles.

You could never ever go wrong shopping on 5th Avenue:
Here are some great ideas to soak up what this beautiful place has to offer:

audrey hepburn, breakfast, and cafe image new york, city, and Central Park image Image by Cazza Image by Cazza Image by Irina Chernysh cartier, new york, and fifth avenue image aesthetic, avenue, and beautiful image city, fifth avenue, and new york image
Audrey Hepburn: "Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness & the proud look of it"

★ What's calming is that drinking a fresh hot cup of coffee or chocolate along with a Bagel; a danish; a muffin; a croissant and an egg sandwich can make your indulgent more pleasant.

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If you love dressing up and love to shine, I suggest getting breakfast and head to 5th avenue just like Holly Golightly!

5th Avenue was super amazing, I did a lot of window shopping and taking in all the sights. With all my energy, I walked passed Rockefeller Center which was very close by. Just casually walking around this avenue I've eventually found myself in one of the greatest places in NYC.

Image by Cazza

★ Need more convincing?★

This city is what dreams are made of, I promise you anywhere in New York City will make you open your mind and find yourself in appreciating new cultures and new experiences.

I know this COVID - 19 pandemics has been putting all of us in such a difficult, unsettling time. I hope each and every one of you around the globe are taking good care of yourself. No matter what you guys are experiencing at this moment and time, you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I know it this is a hard time for us all. ♡
But, I believe in getting through and we're in this together with support to fight on and overcome it. ♡

I hope after reading my article/journey, can open your mind and broaden your perspective across all areas of life to an increased state of happiness. Thank you for giving my New York article a read and hope you enjoyed it. To be continued...

Part 2: Living the dream in nyc ♥️