No nail salon? No problem. We’re all in this together, meaning your fellow We Heart It users are on it when it comes to sharing the coolest (and, easiest) DIY manicures to easily copy from the comfort of your own home. What you’ll need: Patience, a few classic colors, possibly a nail decal or two, and a hint of eye-catching sparkle. Done!

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Trend: Florals

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Shop: Everyday Bouquet by Olive and June, $7.50

Trend: Modern

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Shop: Hello Gorgeous! Nail Wraps by Vika Nail, $12.00

Trend: Geometric

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Shop: Out of Line Gloss Gel Strips by Dashing Diva, $8.00

Trend: Vintage

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Shop: Pressed Flower Nail Decals by Gloss Decals, $10.00

Trend: Celestial

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Shop: Stars & Moon Nail Decals by More Than Magic, $2.99