Extra bored at home? Take advantage of too much downtime by engaging in ultra-productive activities guaranteed to jumpstart your creative juices, open your mind, and reduce stress. Ahead, 5 surprisingly fun ways we’re keeping busy these days.

Get Organized

Getting organized doesn’t mean you have to partake in a full closet overhaul. (Baby steps, people.) Start small by establishing a set place for your jewelry, hats, handbags, or other small accessories that you are frequently misplacing. You’d be surprised how satisfying it can be to downsize by donating what you don’t need, or catalog your most prized possessions. That way, you know exactly where they are at all times.

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Keep a Journal

You’re living through a historical moment in time, one filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and a lot of extra time to “think”. Keeping a daily journal to log your innermost thoughts won’t just alleviate stress, it will keep your mind sharp and stimulated in between nightly Netflix binges.

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Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Your most loyal companion is definitely loving life right now. But dogs need regular physical activity and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. (Just like you.) Since you can’t necessarily take your furry friend for a long, sunset stroll around the neighborhood these days, challenge him or her to learn a new trick at home. The payoff? Loads of delicious training treats and one sleepy, happy pupper.

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Learn a New Recipe

Preparing your own meals isn’t just a healthier, more affordable alternative to takeout, it can be quite fun, too. If you’re new to the kitchen, find a recipe book packed with easy-to-learn dishes. Bonus: You’ll come out of quarantine with a brand-new skill that you can benefit from forever.

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Test Out a Trendy DIY

The biggest social-distancing trend right now is undoubtedly DIY tie-dying. The nostalgic craft is both affordable and so much fun to do, whether you’re stuck at home solo or sheltering in place with family members. Plus, tie-dying is an effortlessly chic way to alter the look of clothes or accessories you’ve recently grown tired of.

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