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Name: Ellaia J Meier
Birthday: October 17

Blood and Family:

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Ellaia was born in a pure blood family. Her parents met when they were students at Hogwarts and had a hidden relationship for years because of their differences. Her dad (Julius) was a Slytherin and her mom (Natsia) a true Gryffindor. Julius works for the department of magical law and Natsia works as a Dragonologist.

About Ellaia

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Brown eyes, Long olive coloured hair, dark red lips, medium height.

Zodiac Sign:

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Libra ♎︎

House :

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During her sorting process, it was a hard choice between Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, since she had a very complicated family background. At the end, due to her extremely high intelligence and logical reasoning abilities, the sorting hat chose the one and only "Ravenclaw".


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A 11", Rosewood, mix of phoenix and unicorn hair.


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She is a pure mix of two extremes.


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Fishnets, tattoos, piercings, skirts and boots.

Yule Ball

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Indigo coloured Gown and Sapphire accessories.

Favourite Places:

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Flourish & Blotts (bookstore), Black lake, Madam Puddifoot's cafe, Borgin And Burkes & Forbidden Forrest.

Super Powers


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When in danger, she turns into a swan


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Her touch can be poisonous and it would kill, therefore she tries to control it with the help of her older sister. (she is the only one who knows about this).


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" Augustin", Ellaia's one and only love. He is the only son of Wymer Wolfe, the heir of a wealthy pure-blood family. Augustin is overly confident, rebellious and never stops fighting for what he wants. Ellaia had a crush on him for long, but kept it a secret until he confessed how he fell in love with her during the defence against the dark arts class. Augustin is also an amazing pianist ,but since his father disapproves all the "Muggle's associated arts", he hides his talent from his Family. Wymer believes that playing piano and his son's deep interest in arts and music is a source of his weakness.
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Family & Friends

Sister: Helisa / (Previously in Gryffindor )
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Helisa is Ellaia's older sister. She left home when she fell in love with a muggle and disobeyed her father's rules. She is a very shy and introvert woman, yet very brave and loyal. Ellaia loves her unconditionally, trusts her fully and always shares her deepest secrets with her. Helisa on the other hand always motivates and helps Ellaia to balance out her dark and light nature and keep her self control. Back at Hogwarts, Helisa and Hermione were the only students with a " Time Turner". Later when she decided to leave the " Wizarding World", she gave her time turner to Ellaia, so with its help, she could travel in time, visit Helisa in Muggle's world, while attending her classes at Hogwarts. Helisa is also the only person that can cast some of Ellaia's spells.


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Oliver Wood. He helped Ellaia with the Flying class and taught her some of Gryffindor's Quidditch strategies, which she later shared with Augustin before Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff match.
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Felicia Paquet from Beauxbatons academy of Magic. Ellaia met her during the goblet of fire competition and since she could speak her language, they immediately became friends. After the competition, Felicia gave Ellaia a magic mirror that with its help, they could stay in touch with one another.

Favourite Spells:

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Fire & Control

Favourite subjects:

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Defence against the dark arts, Divination, care of magical creatures, Potions, Transfiguration, Astronomy.


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Eagle ─ ˋ °. • 🦅 •. ° ˊ─


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She has a baby dragon


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She loves art and spends most of her free time reading, painting and writing. She also enjoys pretending like she is a muggle and check out different art galleries like normal people whenever she visits her sister.

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