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Name: Hina Nagashima
Nickname(s): Hanaemi (means “flowering smile”), Light of Sun ( meanig of her name in japanese)
Birthday: 5th May 1993
Zodiac: Taurus
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: Kyoto
Family: Parents, younger brother
Education: Tokyo University of the Arts GEIDAI
Religion: Cristian
Ideal type: "Someone who make me laugh, take care of me and can mutual understand each other with a look”


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Face claim: SAAY

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 54,7 kg
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black-brown
Features: tatto on left arm in the inside part ( create yourself) , multiple holes in the ears

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Daily / airoport

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Interview/ tv apperance / talk show

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Awards shows /gala

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Hina is a determined, friendly girl who easily adapts to situations and with whom you can work safely. Sometimes she shows herself too perfectionist in the scenes and thanks to this she has managed to learn to cry on command.


Food: Soft pancakes, takoyaki, sushi, hamburger
Music: Jsoul Brothers, Exile Tribe, Doberman Infinity
Motto: “It’s always easy to cry, but I want to keep laughing”


ID: @ HI_hiNA
Post: 253
Followers: 2.1 Mln
Following: 143

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Company: LDH Company
Training period: One year, two months
Debut date: 7 Febrary 2017
Debut work:
- Demon Love Spell : live action/serie tv ( fantasy, love) – Miiko ( main actress)
- Appeared in a MV of Kazuki from Doberman Infinity

» Film/ Serie tv

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- Demon Love Spell : live action/serie tv ( fantasy, love) – Miiko ( main actress)
- Obaka chan: live action/serie tv ( romance, change of life, fight)- Neiro ( main actress)
- High & Low : film (gang, fight, friendship) – Magnolia ( supporter actress / main actress in her film gang)
- I Like You, Suzuki-kun!! : live acton/serie tv ( love, growing up, friendship)- Hoshino Sayaka ( main actress)

» Music

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○ eyes close (single) ;

combination of “Fly away” by Shin Seung Hun and Ailee and “ずっと”by Doberman Infinity

- song dedicated to all those people who face the people who judge them, but despite this they go on making their dreams come true.

» Idol friends

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Doberman Infinity
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Generation (from Exile Tribe)
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Kiritani Mirei
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Kento Yamazaki
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Hirose Suzu

» Boyfriend

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Sway ( Doberman Infinity)

How they met: Sway first met Hina when I went to visit Kazuki on the set of her MV, but they didn't talk much. About a month later, while Doberman Infinity were in their studio creating a new piece, Hina showed up to say goodbye to Kazuki, where they then asked her to stay and eat with them in the recording room. Sway being attracted to the character (and physically XD), asked for the phone number. After having heard each other frequently, they began to go out in public and confirm their relationship (the first was Sway with a photo on instagram).

Time together: 2017.09.13 - present [ almost 3year]