20. Will Schuester

glee, pilot, and will schuester image

19. Ryder Lynn

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18. Emma Pillsbury

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17. Marley Rose

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16. Jake Puckerman

jake puckerman image

15. Kitty Wilde

Temporarily removed

14. Sue Sylvester

glee, screencap, and sue sylvester image

13. Quinn Fabray

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12. Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman

glee, meme, and rachel berry image

11. Mike Chang

glee, mike chang, and scream image

10. Sam Evans

funny, glee, and sam evans image

9. Tina Cohen-Chang

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8. Artie Abrams

alien, funny, and glee image

7. Rachel Berry

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6. Santana Lopez

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5. Brittany S. Pierce

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4. Kurt Hummel

glee, depressed, and funny image

3. Blaine Anderson

glee, blaine, and raise your glass image

2. Finn Hudson

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1. Mercedes Jones

glee, amber riley, and mercedes jones image