name: Alaska Fray
birthday: June 30th 1992
birth place: Porto, Portugal but her parents were from Mystic Falls
species: vampire
turned: September 27th 2010 by Katherine Pierce


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blood-red dyed hair, dark green and brown eyes, pale skin


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she's integrated in the emo subculture so her style contains mostly of black band tees, black skinny jeans, black boots and studded belts.


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she was very shy, kind and insecure but once she got an idea in her head, she would do almost anything to get what she wanted.


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music was her life and she loved reading, specially horror books. she aslo had a major obsession over black veil brides


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Copeland was new at school, getting weird looks and rude comments from everyone due to the way she dressed. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie were the only ones who stood by her
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Damon found Copeland after Katherine had turned her. he saw how scared and confused she was so he decided to help her, remembering when it was him. he may have led her through a darker path at the beginning but as they grew closer he truly cared for her.


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she hated Klaus, of course, but deep down, she couldn't deny that there was something, although 100% platonic
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after forgetting her small crush on Klaus, she realised how Damon had always been there for her, despite his... not-so-easy personality. he had shown her his good side. she also realised what it was that she had felt in a long time but just didn't know what it was. luckily, he felt the same thing. {don't judge me. this is my article, i do whatever i want with it ;)}


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Alaska had once been what people called "normal". she was extroverted, she dressed just like everyone else, she listened to pop music, her favourite band was one direction, for goodness sake! but around the age of 14 she started listening to heavier music, dressing in all black and when she was 15 she already considered herself emo. her friends left her and when she moved from Portugal to Mystic Falls, her parents' birth town, everything got worse. she was bullied because of how she dressed, the songs she liked. she would be told to kill herself at least once a week. she was lonely and sad but she wasn't depressed nor suicidal. eventually, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline decided to talk to her and they ended up befriending her quickly. they were always there for Alaska and she was always there for them. one day, she was going for a walk and, unfortunately, she went to the park, where the one and only Katherine Pierce was as well. you know what happens next... although, Damon Salvatore found her while she was in transition and remembered what he had gone through, so he opened an exception and helped the vampire-to-be. at first, he didn't really care about what she did and would let her kill anyone that got in her way despite the remorses she felt afterwards. they grew closer as time went by and he started to actually care for her. he started helping her control her urges and he'd be there for her no matter what, but he was still Damon. with his help, she became a strong vampire, capable of taking down many on her own. both of them were broken but they began falling for each other, putting their pieces back together despite knowing they would never be the same.
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