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In this stage of exception, it's important to go deeply into our mind...
- and wonder what really matters and how to change the world to make it a better place!
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Now that you've already clicked on the article, pleasepleaseplease do me the favor and listen to this beautiful song. I think you will understand why i find it so touching if you listen closely to the lyrics.

Here is lovely AURORA performing "The Seed" (a song about how humanity destroys the planet basically) in a very emotional and gripping way:

“ I’m missing a certain kind of anger in the youth, the rage that wakes you up in the morning,
the kind of rage that inspires you to do something with the power you have in you…
It’s time for us to really fight for her. This is a cry for Mother Earth.
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My first recommendation to give you some inspiration is this video by lovely Kristen Leo:

It's like 15 minutes long and I know y'all have the time ;D

I've already made some articles about other youtubers that have inspired me to become a better person:


Here are some other resources were you can learn a lot and become inspired for real change:



#2 IMPLEMENT all you know about DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY

This one certainly isn't just limited to environmentalism, there' so much more to it.

Real improvement can happen in every area of your life.
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  • listen first, respond second
  • be nicer to people (e.g. call your relatives more often)
  • have deeper conversations
  • beat laziness and procrastination - you're capable of so much more!
  • apply all those helpful advices you gave to other people to your own life
  • always value people and memories over things and money
  • . . .

Here's a very inspiring post with wonderful idas on how to be a better person and improve the world:

This one is pretty similar - we're all thinking about the same stuff aren't we? :'D

Be aware of politics - but don't panic! ;)

Become healthier & support your local home planet <3


#3 Dive Deep into SELF-DEVELOPEMENT to become a "Better Person"

Isolation is actually the perfect state to work on your inner stuf:

Maybe you got some issues lingerning in the back of your head that you haven't really dealt with yet - listen to your inner voice and show yourelf some real self love.
Or maybe you're ready to dive even deeper into self-actualization - meditation is a great kic starter for this journey.

I highly recommend you the amazing youtube channel "Actualized.org":

I swear to god, watch like three of his videos and you will alread feel your life transforming...

It's best to start this journey with a clean palette, so take your time to clear your mind and find back to your inner center:
Mindset Is Key
Once you change your thoughts, your life will change, too...
Here are some articles about things that I'm trying to improve in my life:

That's it for today guys!
It's almost 5 a.m. and I haven been writing for hours... :'D

Thank you so much for reading till the end! <3

I hope you enjoyed it and watched some of the videos or read some of the articles :)

And i usually don' say this but... give this article a heart or share it with a friend so more people can profit from it :)

xx a random girl from the internet

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