Happy Friday! We’re back to share our favorite podcasts, and this time it’s all about Disney. Our podcast partner, Player FM , has all the shows that cover everything Disney related. We’re so excited to delve into these over the weekend and learn more about our childhood favorite movies!

On Main Street With Aaron Wallace: An Unofficial Disney Fan Podcast

The web’s longest running Disney podcast has everything related to Disney all under one roof. From theme parks, to movies, music and beyond Aaron Wallace captures the true essence of Disney in his podcasts. You can expect anything from celebrity interviews, in-depth analysis, Disney history lessons and much more.

The Disney Story Origins Podcast

This is a podcast for Disney fans to hear the real stories, shake their heads, to smile and go, wow, I never knew that. As a storyteller and aspiring author, host Paul J. Hale aims to tell the true and full story behind Disney creations. This podcast is intended to be a family-friendly podcast encouraging all types of listeners to tune in. You’ll be amazed to learn the lengths that Disney goes to make some of its stories family-friendly.

Disney Magic Hour

Disney Magic Hour breaks down Disney films by asking three essential questions. What is the iconic shot? Does it achieve moral or emotional aim? Does the film hold up? By asking these questions, the hosts are able to provide in-depth reviews for listeners. Tune in to sense the Disney magic!

Creating Disney Magic

The one and only, Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World shares his wisdom. Lee discusses how to apply lessons of leadership and create magic in our own lives, which is something we can use a bit of these days.

Happiest Place On Earth

Listen to your favorite Disney cast members talk about their thoughts and experiences. The podcast records movie reviews and all news pertaining to Disney from awards to lyrics and more!

We could all use a bit of Disney magic in our lives right now. These podcasts bring Disney stories to life by painting a complete picture. All of these podcasts are available on Player FM to provide answers to all your childhood questions about any disney film.


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