We’ve been hearting home A LOT these days — from home-gym exercises to Marie Kondo spring cleaning — we’ve managed to stay busy!

We have a few tips to share on our end, and we would love to hear from you and see your stay home inspiration using the hashtag #WeHeartHome! The top hearted #WeHeartHome posts will get an exclusive chance to be featured on our social media channels and get admired by millions of We Heart It creators across the globe!! Here’s a few tips we want to share that have really helped us stay positive, productive and healthy:

Staying Organized:

The sudden switch of spending all of our time at home has caused somewhat of an emotional or physical tornado. We’ve found it helpful to set aside a designated time for each task whether it's for laundry, working, or just “me time”. We’ve even been using an app that takes our organization to the next level. WeekCal is a customizable and multifunctional calendar for all your personal needs. By color-coding and merging all of our calendars we’ve been able to easily keep track of our schedules. It really helps to stay organized in order to stay productive!

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Connect Virtually:

We’ve attended at least 10 virtual birthday parties since the quarantine! What’s truly special about these online birthday parties is that friends from all over the globe are able to join, including those who you may not have had a chance to celebrate with normally. Although we are all socially distant right now, this is time to stay connected with friends near and far.

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Move your Body:

We also struggled finding the motivation to work out, but once we figured out the right routine, there was no turning back! Exercise helps us keep our energy levels up and spirits high. There’s really no excuse when you can virtually train with a workout buddy for added motivation!

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Stay Grounded:

We can’t get enough of these meditation podcasts! They have helped us ease our anxiety and accept our new normal. Check out all of the meditation podcasts on Player FM to maintain a sense of relaxation and mindfulness.

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Now it’s your turn! We encourage YOU and all our lovely hearters to share your stay home inspiration with the community. Remember that we are all going through this challenging time as a whole, and your simple #lifehacks could light up someone else's world.

Show us your WFH setup, guide us through a home workout, bring us into the kitchen #QuarantineCuisine, and share all the ways that you’ve been getting creative at home using #WeHeartHome





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